Worship of God in the Form of

Mother KALI

$24.95, 42 minute DVD

By Al Eschner and Meg Eschner

This video shows an authentic Kali worship by a priest from the Dakshineswar Kali Temple, in Calcutta, India. It includes rare footage starting in Calcutta and moving to California. We see extraordinary scenes of India, as well as devotional offerings of music, dancing, and chanting. Ancient living rituals, including an enchanting night time mystic fire ceremony, all authentically performed by the main worshiper (pujari). We view close-up shots of the worship which show details not easily seen even by the attendees at the worship.

Understanding Worship:

Through explanatory narration, viewers gain a fresh awareness of deeper meanings in rituals and spiritual practices. These deeper meanings are found in many diverse religions and cultures throughout the world. A framework is set which facilitates harmonious empathy between the followers of different religious paths.

Mother Kali is often quite misunderstood. She transcends good and evil, appearing as one of the most powerful forms of God as Mother—Mother of all creation. Mother as protectress. She is the sum total of all energy!

Kali's symbolism looks fearsome, even evil, to the unknowing, untrained eye, but in reality every aspect of her image holds powerful symbolism. For instance, Kali's garland of fifty human heads stands for the fifty letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizing infinite knowledge. Her girdle of severed human hands signifies work and liberation from the cycle of karma. She is often depicted as holding a severed head —reminding us that death comes to us all and even that can be a blessing. When we learn to regard death and disaster as lessons from the Mother, we awaken to reality, conquer fear and experience freedom.

Kali's sword removes the obstacles to our spiritual progress. She dances on Shiva—representing the static ground of existence, renunciation and illuminating consciousness. Kali offers us a boon with one hand and says "have no fear" with another. Like any good mother when her children are threatened, Kali is a force to be reckoned with. She is both a loving teacher and fierce protector.

"The extraordinary experience of witnessing an authentic puja (worship) makes this film an exceptional event." - Light of Consciousness, Spring/Summer '97

"Seeks to encourage the followers of different spiritual paths to realize the underlying truths that form the foundation of all religions." - Global Vedanta, March '97

"A beautifully crafted video; sensitive, intelligent, visually extraordinary and very moving." - Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Winter, '96

"It will serve well those who seek to foster a devotional attitude." - Georg Feuerstein, Yoga World, May/June '97

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This DVD was a loving collaboration between filmmaker Al Eschner—mystic, philosopher and world traveler, and Meg Eschner— educator, artist and fellow world traveler.

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